0.99.10 Problems

I’ve just upgraded from on a Win10 machine and I find that the new version rejects many of my subs, so many in fact that the stacking process fails. The previous version registered and stacked the same subs without difficulty. Are there any there any adjustments that I can make to overcome this problem?
Thanks, Roy

THis is this ticket with a link on how to proceed

Thanks for the link, @lock042 ! Indeed, star detection mechanism changed and made life a bit hard on default settings. Solution works for registration, but what about PCC? It fails in the latest version, but works wonders for the same image in :expressionless:

Same tip for pcc

Ok, my bad, I thought I can reach Dynamic PSF settings only from registration tab (which is not true). Compared the versions on the same image - 5969 vs 27771 stars detected… Wow, new version is picking up too much it seems. Had to spend 20 minutes till I found proper parameters and was finally able to solve the image.

I’ve just tried the new beta version ( and the problem with excessive sub-frame rejection has been remedied.

Many thanks for the rapid resolution,