10 years later !

(David Tschumperlé) #1

10 years ago to the day, I was sitting on my sofa my laptop at hand.
A fun idea crossed my mind. I opened Emacs and started writing a 1st line of code, then a 2nd… G’MIC was born! :baby_bottle:

Now it’s time for a big thanks to everyone who supported us over the years ! :gift::gift:


Happy birthday g’mic!!

(Lyle Kroll) #3

Wow; it’s been 10 years already? An incredible ride for sure, David. Thanks for your continued gift. Still, I remember using greycstoration before that. lol

I have an online acquaintance that still uses it. I’ve told her several times about G’MIC, but, I believe she’s a PS user (uses the GreyC PS filter). lol



I remember the first time I opened it in gimp (I’d read it could do some things gimp alone couldn’t)… my reaction was wow, no way! And then discovered you could even make your own filters without going near a compiler! Will probably always be my favourite software and I still have to tear myself away from it :grin:

Happy birthday G’MIC!


G’MIC, gefeliciteerd met jouw verjaardag. :tada::balloon::fireworks:


@David_Tschumperle Congrats. Someone should write an anniversary filter for every occasion!

(Stefan Schmitz) #7

Thanks a lot!

(Glenn Butcher) #8

G’MIC is what I cut my teeth on initially, learning raw processing. That tutorial that pipes dcraw in to gmic was extremely instructive; I played with that for hours.

My own software, rawproc, is really inspired by the command-chaining of G’MIC; a GUI version of command-chaining, albeit far-less capable.

Thanks, David, and Happy 10th!


Thank you for G’MIC! I can’t imagine using gimp without it :slight_smile:

(Sebastien Guyader) #10

Bon anniversaire G’MIC !

(David Tschumperlé) #11

Reading these encouragements is heartwarming, thanks to everyone.
So happy to have the G’MIC discussion forum hosted on Pixls.us among you, wonderful people :beers:
No doubt it has greatly helped improving the software, with all the ideas shared here, suggestions, bug reports…
I love you :heart:

(part. @patdavid, thanks for the idea of pixls.us, it is such a great thing for us, small open-source projects).


Happy 10 year anniversary with your fantastic plugin! Although I’m relatively new to Gimp and G’mic, I’ve at least tested all 502 filters and am very impressed with G’mic.

(François Collard) #13

10 years, already…

Then I was very concerned with making gimp plug-ins easily available to Windows users with little knowledge of computers. I kept repeating that someone should write a Windows installer for G’mic. But nobody would write one. One morning, in 2010, I downloaded Inno Setup, and I began to write my first Windows installer. I don’t know whether Gmic still uses the same code, but the “FREE SOFTWARE LICENSING AGREEMENT CeCILL” with blue titles is still the one I edited.

I also remember that I didn’t like the version of curl.exe G’mic used, because it opened an ugly black window. I compiled a cleaner one, but then, I had to learn how to build a static executable with msys/MinGW on Windows, because David did not want to install separate dlls that could conflict with the existing ones.