1st official pixls.us video meeting on December 5, 1800 UTC

Meeting Link: https://meet.jit.si/pixlsusmeetingdecember2020
Livestream Link: https://youtu.be/v18pIyh_sKs


I am happy to annouce the 1st offical pixls.us video meeting on Saturday, December 5, at 1800 UTC.

(It’s the first “offical” meeting since we already had a casual “test” meeting.)

The Jitsi session link will be published here in this thread shortly before the meeting.

The official program is:

1800 UTC: introduction and technical test

1830 UTC: @Karl will talk about “Creating exposure fused panoramas with Hugin

1915 UTC: @betazoid will talk about “Fixing backlit landscapes in darktable

2000 UTC: @McCap will talk about “Color toning

Please make more suggestions for (workflow) presentations/live edits/lightning talks. We might be able to squeeze in 1 or 2 more people after or between the official program. “Surprise/bonus presentations” are also possible.

Please keep your presentations as short as possible, since the emphasis is not on monologues but discussion and participation.

At the moment we don’t know how many people will be able to join, but the number of participants is not unlimited because of limited hardware resources.
If there are issues, we will ask people to leave.

I am looking forward to meeting you!



I really appreciate this initiative! Unfortunately I am not able to attend that evening, but I look forward to future meetings :slight_smile:

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Awesome. This looks very interesting. Will this also be recorded and be available online for people who might not be able to join?

afaik recording works with Dropbox. I only have a free Dropbox account, I don’t know if I have enough storage space but we could try to split up the recordings? Who has experience with this? How much space does 1 hour of Jitsi recording need? (I don’t even know how much storage space I have LOL).

In the test yesterday Pat posted a link to the Youtube stream of the session; I assume he can do something similar for this one.

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I’ll have to block my schedule for that day and not doing any other plan.

Thanks! :blush:

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@betazoid (@patdavid?)

I would also be interested in being able to watch this after the fact.

Me, I’m not much of a participator to be honest, but I do want to see and learn. I’m assuming that even people that did participate om the given date and possible future dates, might want to re-watch. Be it specific parts, be it the whole thing.

This doesn’t have to be one long video, maybe a single video for each presentation/topic.

Nice initiative Anna!


Thanks Anna! I put the date in my calendar and try to be there.


Yep, no problem to record/livestream.
We could even post the livestream URL for those that didn’t want to interact but wanted to just watch. What say you (all)?

We should also point out that we will be recording things and make sure people are ok with it possibly being shared for later?


I’d urge the presenters to record locally. The quality will likely be much better.


Definitely live stream for those who don’t want to interact or have low bandwidth. The rest would probably want to join to ask a question or make a comment and then leave (perhaps to yield the spot to another if we ever reach the limit).

As for recording, better to establish that it will be done and shared. When there are multiple participants, it can be tricky. Once, I was a part of an awesome concert. We had a standing ovation. Most of the musicians including myself were expecting a copy of the recording. However, it only took one of the pianists to say no and that was the end of it. Nothing could be shared or sold.

A non-participatory livestream would be great but not a must-have per se. I, as a non-participant, can find myself in a “If you don’t participate, you have to wait” kinda thing.

I, like afre, think that full openness about it being recorded is a must.

paradigits does make a good point about the quality aspect!

Just my 2c.

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I think I would prefer recordings over livestreaming, or one of the two but not both. But I also know that it is not only up to me. And I also favor the easiest solution that requires as little work as possible for the organizers/participants.

It’s early here in Australia, but I’ll give it a go trying to get up :slight_smile:


Would like to attend, will look for signup info as the date nears.


I short workshop about filmic on darktable would be great.


My problem, too, Peter. :slight_smile:


Hi, so it is happening in 1 week. Don’t forget it, especially the “speakers” @Karl and @McCap.

I also want to encourage all the ladies here (@eylul @Tatica @CranberrySauce @Testuda @lizardbreath @Karolina_Joanna_R and the others) to participate!


Another lady @ChicagoCameraslinger. (I forget the others, who may be interested. Well, @Elle, but she quit.)