2 questions here, actually 4 questions

  1. How can I update Krita G’MIC? Yes, I use Krita for photo-editing, and happy with that. Not really missing anything with nondestructive editing, filter brush, clone brush, gmic, wavelet decompose, and deep color. I also use it for 2d product rendering in rare cases where 3d modeling becomes difficult.
  2. Is it possible to generate a new layer on gmic on layer you cannot edit like clone layer? A new image would also be very useful idea. Such as in the case where someone is having 500+ layers on 4k resolution.
  3. For painters who need indexing in Krita, and the current Krita filter mask is limited to 16 colors, is there any possibility gmic will introduce indexing like in GIMP, but with alpha step?
    4)GMIC is hardcoded to srgb?

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I’m not sure of the answers to your question, but I can ping @David_Tschumperle to see if he’s around to answer them. :wink:


IIRC GMIC has no colourspace it doesn’t care what the numbers represent. I think some filters might assume the input is sRGB though.


@Reptorian Welcome to the forum! I don’t use Krita but let’s see if I can help you…

  1. Would you like to update to a new version number or just the filters? If it is just the filters and you are using the QT GUI, just click on the “Update filters” button . In the GTK GUI, there are also update / download functions under the About toggle.

  2. This seems to be more of a Krita question than a G’MIC one. Read the Krita docs.

  3. 16 colors is quite limited. If you can’t increase the number, maybe change the palette? Again, I haven’t used Krita. In GIMP, try  G’MIC → Colors → Colormap.

  1. Krita 3.2 now supports new version, so I have to use Krita 3.2 as a bridge.

  2. It seems I have to copy merge and then paste to get what I want.

  3. In Krita, you have to index based on colors extracted from instanced layer using nondestructive editing if you want more than 16 colors if you really want specific color. On the plus side, you can get a better Grafx2 if you can figure this out. The reason I say this is because one can paint, and generate pixel art as if they’re using grafx2 snd photoshop hybrid. I am solving this, and thing is that I have to find out how to apply alpha based on rule. GIMP and Krita G’MIC works the exact same way.