2nd instance of module always remaining expanded

When I have a second instance of a module that module is always expanding when I go into the image even if I collapsed it the previous time.

The issue only occurs when using a second instance and it’s not limited to the same module.

To reproduce :

  • collapse all modules, move from one image to the next, all modules remain collapsed as expected
  • move back to the previous image, all modules remain collapsed as expected
  • create a new instance of any module then collapse it
  • move to the next image then back to the previous image and the new instance will be expanded even though you collapsed it last time

Where there is no second instance the modules behave as I would expect :

  • if I close all modules they remain closed when I move to the next image or back to the previous image.
  • if I open a module on an image (e.g. filmic) it remains open when I move to the next image or back to the previous image.

I’ve tried this on Ubuntu 20.04 using v3.4.1 and the latest v3.5 built from source and experience the same issue. I’ve looked in the Git issues tracker and can’t see anything related to this plus I’ve been through the preferences and again I cannot see anything obvious.

I’m asking if anyone else is experiencing this issue as the issue may be with my setup ?

This might seem trivial but it’s really frustrating when you want to check the settings in a module across images and it’s like playing whack-a-mole.

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I can confirm the same issue. Looks like a bug - could you raise it on github please.

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Will do, thanks for checking.

edit : https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/issues/8306

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Many thanks for the prompt fix. It’s so much better.