3.7.0 not processing images?

Anyone else seeing this in 3.7.0?
In the background, you can see my “processed” image in 3.7.0, with perspective correction added (among other things).
In the foreground, the jpeg created when exporting the background image.
Clearly, NO perspective correction applied, and to be honest, not looking like ANY processing has been applied.

Are you clearly not applying style on export in overwrite mode? because i spy with my little eye framing on that pic.


OMG. What a clown.
If only there was someone doing videos on this stuff who could save me from myself.
Thanks Hubert! That was it.


Talking of clowning in 3.7, for some reason my compiled version does not display the histogram when editing - and I can’t find the way to turn it back on?

I’m sure its obvious, but can anyone put me out of my misery?

Not at my pc but hold down the h key to reveal all shortcuts. I think there is one to turn the histogram on and off. maybe you hit it by mistake???

Ctrl + Shift + H


OK pass the clown hat!! CTRL-Shift-H works just fine.

I must have accidentally toggled it

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