5.0 r1, No more automatic CA correction?

(Wolfgang Huang) #1

I downloaded the newly released Rt 5.0 r1. I noticed that the “Automatic” check box in lens Chromatic Aberration correction is missing. I know the “auto” function without knowing complex lens data is at best a guess work but it can work reasonably well with some of my older, simpler lenses. So I wonder if anyone know why its no longer supported or if it’s actually hidden under a different menu.

(Ingo Weyrich) #2

(Wolfgang Huang) #3

Thanks for the quick reply, but mine looks like this.


Check which tab you’re on.

(Wolfgang Huang) #5

I know, but the raw tab in my 5.0 no longer has the CA correction. It did have in RT4. Is there a setting I have to do to make it re-appear under raw tab?


Do you have a X-Trans sensor? :wink:

(Wolfgang Huang) #7

No, I have a Bayer sensor as all Canon cameras do, but why do you ask? I though CA is a lens problem not sensor problem, no?

(Ingo Weyrich) #8

There is still no implementation for raw ca-correction for x-trans sensors. For that reason in the section ‘Sensor with X-Trans Matrix’ there is no raw ca-correction. Switch (scroll up) to the section ‘Sensor with Bayer Matrix’ to see it :wink:

(Wolfgang Huang) #9

Ok, got it. Thanks to all.