A few questions from a newbie


First of all, big thanks to the developers of this app - Siril allowed me to process my astro images quickly and with very pleasing results (I struggled a lot with PixInsight, APP, DSS, now I stack, extract background and stretch histogram in Siril and do final touches in Lightroom).

I have a few newbie questions:

  1. Almost everywhere (including tutorials) background extraction tool looks a lot different than in the latest stable and the beta version (0.99.5):

The options on the screenshot resemble background extraction tool in PixInsight, while in the latest version of Siril the tool seems to be a bit simplified, e.g. there is no way to resize the box. Is there a plan to bring those options back? Or perhaps it is no longer needed due to e.g. changes in the algorithm?

  1. What types of FIT files do you normally leave in the working directory after you finish processing, do you simply remove pp_* and r_pp_* and only leave the stacked file? Is there any reason to not remove the above files?

  2. Banding Reduction. I find that it works very nice in most of the cases, but in some cases it leaves a but of banding near the image edges. Please see the attached image, it is very noisy and poor quality but you can clearly see what I mean.


Hello Karol, thank you.

  1. The algorithm has been improved and no longer needs the complex parameters to work.
  2. Keeping some files will allow you to run the stacking again with different parameters without having to recompute everything. If you think the output is good then yes remove them.
  3. I don’t know, I can barely see it I think, the lack of flat correction probably does not help.