A new ART Appimage

A month ago I asked Alex Woroschilow if it was possible for him to build an Appimage for ART.
You will find here the link to its appimage repository :
You will find now the result here for te 1.9.3 version of ART
It works perfectly for me (Kubuntu 20.04)
Alberto I am not able to follow the development of the appimage as suggested by Alex, but I think that there are on this list of participants much more knowledgeable than me to ensure this function.
I give you the coordinates of Alex Woroschilow:
I think this is really good news for the distribution of our favorite software.

Serge Moreau

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Thanks for the info! I will add a link to the webpage. However, I won’t be able to maintain this so interested people should make sure that the appimages stay up to date (shouldn’t be too much work – there are no major releases in sight)

Thanks Alberto,
Alex developed an automatic process, so he wishes to have a link like this one:
also for the moment I offered to warn him of the release of a new version. Alberto if you can show me how to fix this, I can try to help Alex.
However, i am not really qualified for this job and if someone feels more qualified than me i can easily quit.
Serge Moreau

Ok, if it’s enough to notify him I think we can do it :slight_smile:

Thanks Alberto, I will notified him. Here is the link to his site:
Here is the link to his site