A newbie' question on star alignment and stack


I’m new to astrophotography, I don’t have any experience with this, I only use wide-angle lens to take some nightscape photos.
I want stack them to improve Photo quality and keep the meteors. I’m using Linux, so I cannot use PhotoShop and Sequator.
Can I do this with Siril? if it is possible, how can I do it?


Hi, you could keep the meteors by doing a maximum stacking. This will keep the brightest pixels in all images. But this will make star trails too, as Earth rotates. Otherwise, you can do a sum stacking after registering on the stars, but the ground will be turning in that case…

For the landscape part, if you are using a tripod it should be alright, but if there is some movement and the landscape is bright enough, you could try aligning on it with some cross correlation registration methods first.

Have fun!

what I mean is that star alignment. Only direct stack is very simple with GIMP.