About the darktable database.

I got a shiny new 1tb ssd to keep all my raw files and jpgs. I’ve copied these over from my hard drive. Now, how do I tell darktable of the new location? Do I have to import everything again?
Does dt save previews anywhere like Lightroom does? Even those would benefit from being on the ssd I suppose?

P.S. - I’m running Windows 10, which is on it’s own ssd.

you can probably fix the paths via the sqlite cmdline tool or some other sqlite tool that allows you to issue custom queries on the db

See the last section of the following page: https://elstoc.github.io/dtdocs/module-reference/utility-modules/shared/collect-images/


Under Linux, I had my photos under my home (user) directory (/home/kofa/digicam) but then I moved them to another, shared location so my wife could also access them easily (on the same computer). Then I simply set up a symlink /home/kofa/digicam to point at /new/shared/location/photos).
It’s possible to create Symlink under Windows, as well; whether they work with darktable is a good question.