Absolute beginner questions

Hi guys,
I am very new to animation/video editing with this node idea and have some beginner troubles. I really want to learn how to use Natron and did some tutorials with success. But I have some questions I couldn’t find any answers with google, search forums, etc.:

When you have several transform nodes, the view gets super messy and you don’t know which ‘control-thingy’ on the viewer screen belongs to which node. Is there a way to hide or show only the active transform-node control. See below:


Is there a possibility to group nodes in a hierarchy? For example: I have a head, this head has eyes and a mouth (as nodes). The head moves so the eyes and the mouth move with the head on their fixed position on the head. But I want also animate the mouth separately while moving with the head.

Viewer-resolution. I set the screen-output for example to 1828x1556. As soon I add nodes to the viewer the screen gets much smaller. Some nodes get ‘off-screen’ which should be visible:

Ho can I handle this warnings? When this appears I have to redo some nodes which is very frustrating:

Thank you in advance!

  1. close the properties panels to hide the controllers (aka “interacts”) of the nodes you do not need
  2. transforms naturally compose, and the transform hierarchy is exactly what you see in the node graph. say I animate the mouth of a fixed face in branch A, merge it over the face from branch B, then I can transform the output of the merge to move the whole face with mouth
  3. The “region of definition” (Rod) of your nodes is smaller than the project size. Merge everything over a black and transparent image (use the “Constant” node) to have something that has the same size as the project

Thank you, that helped alot!