Abyss instead of an image...

I have darktable 3.1 running on my laptop and PC. On PC I have compile it from sources (I have here OpenCL working) on laptop I have installed package from ppa ubuntuhandbook1 (no OpenCL here).

The issue I’m observing is that very quickly I have black rectangle for image, preview and export instead of an image itself. Or just for image and export. It depends.

The simplest case is: color balance, filmic rgb, local contrast just activated and the image is gone.

Filled issue on github. There are more details and logs.

Where shall I start investigation? With current state DT 3.1 is useless for me.

I’m not sure if this helps? https://discuss.pixls.us/t/black-image-with-curvergb-filmicrgb-localcontrast-solved/15935/2

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Maybe It Is the sale issue i asked about…


Thank you. I will investigate it further tomorrow.
I will checkout the master branch instead of 3.1 tag and see if it helps.

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your opencl driver is mostlikely to be blamed and not DT

That’s probably a bug with filmic in power norm chroma preservation mode. Identified and fixed, will be shipped in 3.0.1 version. Meanwhile, use Y luminance or max RGB chroma preservation, or raise black level correction in exposure module.

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Workaround works. Thank you.

@darix that was my initial thought but it happens on a system without OpenCL.

Slightly off-topic, but since quite a few people seem to be affected by this and not everybody wants to work with the master branch: Is there a planned release date for 3.0.1?

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I am a bit confused here. We’re talking about 3.0.1 while 3.1 is released. What’s the difference?

The latest official release I see is 3.0

“3.1” (and odd numbers in general) are what people often use to unreleased git master builds. Just like 2.7 never actually existed, but people often used “2.7” to refer to git master/development builds. (I believe because git master would report as “2.7” until the next stable release branch was triggered.)

3.0.1 would be a bugfix release against 3.0 containing small bugfixes but no major feature changes.

Got it! Forgot about the convention :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying that!