Access to online help in gimp-2.10 (solved)

I’m using current gimp-2.10.32 (linux) with current versions of all deps, except for python2, pygtk, etc. So when I want to look at the help (not often!) I have the preference set to online (that’s probably automatic without local help files) and I install gvfs to get to the help.

On one machine, which has inherited ~/home from a previous machine where I used to edit photos, that works fine - moves the running firefox to the current desktop (in xfce), opens a new tab and takes me to GNU Image Manipulation Program.

On another machine (same versions of all relevant packages, same help setting in preferences, same locale setting) ‘help’ instead opens a new instance of firefox on the currnet desktop (instead of moving the already open firefox), but with only its home page.

I forget how I originally specified it to open firefox, and I’m anyway happy with that, but I suspect there is a file somewhere which makes this work on one machine, and eithr has different content or is missing on the machine where it doesn’t work.

Now that the gimp-help list is closed, I can’t ask there, so I’ll try asking here.

TIA. ĸen

I would compare the Firefox settings on the 2 systems, particularly the ones under General > Tabs.

You might also need to tweak the Xfce settings (Window Manager Tweaks > Focus).

Thanks! For some reason a couple of tab settings I really wanted had become unset, but that was not the problem. I noticed that firefox was NOT my default browser. Enabling that made the gimp help correctly pull firefox to the desktop that gimp was on, and open the help.

FWIW, the xfce settings matched on both machines.