Accidental Glitch Art

(Bri) #1

Sometimes when Im exporting a large batch of photos, a couple won’t save right or end up with glitches. Im sure there’s a way to dig into the problem to fix it (windows 10) but I don’t know much about development and I usually just try it again and it works fine.

But sometimes you get some cool art out of it.

I recently met a group of guys that play street hockey on skateboards and have been shooting some pics with them. Heres how one of the shots glitched out when I exported a batch of 55 to png.

Has anyone else had any cool accidental darktable moments where things didn’t work right but you loved the results anyway?

(Pat David) #2

That’s really an awesome glitch! I don’t know that I could have done anything better if I’d actually tried to… :wink:

(Pat David) #3

On a side note - what were they playing? Skateboard Street Hockey? :smiley:

(Bri) #4

Exactly right! With a Sapporo can as the official puck since they’re still made out of tin.

Here’s the puck in action!



(Mica) #6

Great action shot! When we’d use a can as a puck, we’d always crush it flat first :smile:

(Dendenis Kushnirenko) #7

I`m using ancient Phototoshop CS6, with multiple layers and effects enabled it always give me nice pop art.

(Gys Van Zyl) #8

Not a software glitch, but I do occasionally have brainfart glitches (camera setting mistake or accidental shutter button press). Like the one below, I forgot the camera was set to 100 ISO in a dark(ish) room. For some reason I kind of liked it…


@stonefree Nice. That security cam is as present as ever. :male_detective:


I had a camera that ate CF cards. It would chew through such a card in 1-2 years of use, which kind of sucked because they were expensive back then. The damage gave me…

(Bri) #11

These are some really cool mistakes!