activated tools

My apologies if this function is present…
I wonder me how to know what tools or settings I modified respect to default.
When I used Photivo I remember I could view what I actived.


Yes, that was an awesome feature to have, very handy when I used Photivo.

@dafrasaga such a feature does not exist in RT.

There is a history stack in RawTherapee to see what you’ve done, though…

But not after closing and reopening a file. Perhaps we should save the history in pp3 sidecar. Just an idea…


Interesting idea about saving the history stack but I wonder if that is redundant because the sidecar already contains all of the settings.

The convenience of Photivo is that there is a toggle that will only reveal all of the tools that have been activated or used. Another example is Magic Lantern but it only provides a summary page of which settings have been modified.

I doubt that it is possible to do that in RT elegantly because it has too many tools.

The sidecar contains all of the settings, that’s true. But it does not contain the history.
Assume the situation that you have to stop working on an image (for whatever reason), close rt and want to continue your work on that image later. Then the history is lost. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the history in this case too?

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@heckflosse I am not saying that saving the history stack is a bad idea; rather, a record of what is being done in the order of the processing pipeline may make more sense. That is what Photivo does anyway, leaving out the module toggling part. E.g., if I do

  1. load
  2. set to neutral
  3. auto level
  4. set to neutral

steps 2-3 are redundant and not necessary to save in the sidecar.

True, but as steps 2-3 are redundant, in first place it would be not necessary to show them in history :wink:

Edit: Sratch that. steps 2-3 are not redundant. Step 4 reverts to step 2. But that doesn’t mean we should throw it out of history. So I still think saving the history of the changes a user makes, absolutely makes sense

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Hi All,
to have whole history in pp3 file would be awesome but my question was to have some button to filter activated tools I used until that moment. When I want to adjust some precedent settingl I done I’m lost ; I do not remember what I used.


Not a lot of stuff sets itself as “on” by default in RawTherapee. You can set stuff as on and apply profiles, but I wouldn’t do that unless you understand the effect it has on your images. What is used is what is turned on, and I find that toggling it off then on again gives a pretty good idea of what is happening.

:+1: on saving the history in the pp3 (plus an option to discard it). is someone willing to open a feature request on github?


any news about history in pp3???
Would be very usefull save a post processing and reopen next day and to be at the same point day before with all history and snapshots there.


nobody did anything AFAIK. It would be nice, I agree, but it won’t happen by itself :wink:

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Just a thought, could you use some off-the-shelf file compare utility to compare your work-in-progress PP3 with a “default values” PP3, hence highlighting what you’ve changed. E.g WORD’s file compare function.

I have written a tool that compares two PP3 files. The result shows different values in the PP3 files grouped by the sections of PP3. One of the PP3 can for sure be a default PP3. Here an example:
unterschied.pdf (12.9 KB)

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