Add Suffix when saving files in RAWTherapee

RAWTherapee Version 4.2.1005
I used to know how to do this and can’t figure it out now; when I save files from RAWTherapee, I want _RT added to the end of the filename.
Also, I have a big monitor; and, still yet, the working area in RAWTherapee Editor is much too small for my liking; can it be made much bigger ?

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

This feature doesn’t exist.

Yes, update to RT v.5.6 and activate “Pseudo-HiDPI-Mode” in the prefernces.
The size of the GUI can now be controlled by the RT font size.

" If your original raw file was called “photo_1000.raw”, the default processed file name will be “photo_1000.jpg” (or .tif or .png). There is an option in the " Save current image " window: " Automatically add a suffix if the file already exists “. When checked, you can make different versions of one raw, which will be saved as “photo_1000.jpg”, “photo_1000 -1 .jpg”, “photo_1000 -2 .jpg”, etc. The same applies when you send different versions of the same image to the Queue.”

Thanks to everyone.
I am almost 100% positive that my first version of RT had the ability to add custom suffixes; I have folders full of images produced in RT that do have the _RT tacked onto the file names.
If it is no longer possible, then it should be on the list of things to do.

I just did install v-5.6 and I checked the Pseudo-HiDPI-Mode box; I haven’t yet taken time to check the new version out.

which was that?

Works here. Try adding «_RT» at the end of the template:



Nice. Could usefully be added to

That must have been how I accomplished it; I knew I used to be able to do it; I just couldn’t remember what I did.

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