Added the repo to codetriage

Hi all

I’m not interested in this project but as a useful and growing FLOSS I’ve added the project repo to codetriage for better reach of developers and contributors. Also, I recommend using the triaged label to inform others that the issue is processed and assigned to an appropriate team member.
Even adding the project to this page and using a good label for newcomers to find suitable issues for beginners is a good idea to reach wider audience and receive contributions for less difficult issues.

Link to codetriage page:

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If you need to contribute for Natron, read First contribution and that or more info as Open source guide

Good luck to you all new developer !

P.S. : In my side I still am working for Natron from source code, sooner or later it will bright some features :slight_smile:

#2 for developers

If someone can find a developer with a financial means, great and go ahead !

Read as this Recruiting Open Source Developers

Find and recruit in Freelancer, UpWork or Toptal

Good luck !

#3 Funding

Foundant, Crowdcube, Candid, ecampus, imf, comcast and UDF.

I’m not interested in the topic of this software; and I don’t have enough experience in graphics programming to contribute to this one. (I’m a system/network programmer and machine learning enthusiast)
I’ve just found your project a good one which lacks good contribution and wanted to perform some action to help bigger reach of developers to you. (I know 101s and know how to use git and github! :wink: Also I read the contribution guideline of the project.) :slight_smile:

BTW I wish you luck and a great project. :slight_smile: