adding a flathub image editor (rawtherapee) as external edit

Hello, I am using Digikam as my asset manager and want to use RawTherapee as my external editor. I am using the flatpak version of RawTherapee in order to get the latest version. However in digikam I cannot see RawTherapee as an option, I guess because the application is not in the usual place.

Any ideas where I need to look to add RawTherapee as an external editor when I am using a flatpak?

Thank you

If you can launch it from the command line, use flatpak run com.rawtherapee.RawTherapee or otherwise look for the .desktop file.

Thanks I tried that but could get it to work. Neither launching the flatpak app (located at /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/applications/RawTherapee.desktop) via finding it in the folder dialog, nor via terminal worked.

Instead I found a way by using the ‘Url Handler Script’ option under ‘Open With’. I selected that option, selected ‘Remember application association…’ checkbox. Then a (gnome) window appears after a few seconds asking me to choose which app. I then select RawTherapee.

It works, but graceful it aint.

There’s got to be a nicer way of flatpak apps being visible by other apps. I tried flatseal, but couldn’t get that to work. Rant: if Flatpaks are to be successful they (the FOSS community) have to sort out intra-OS compatibility.

Thanks for the response paperdigits.

Sorry, your reply wasn’t clear to me… Did you try flatpak run org.rawtherapee.RawTherapee? The other way you’ve described won’t work because the necessary libraries aren’t bootstrapped correctly.

Flatpak interoperability can be baked directly into the flatpak itself, if you have a look at the RT external editors preference, you’ll see that the gimp flatpak is there by default.

I had some issues with my OS, so switched and now on Mint. Trying to get this working again.

Now I have digikam flatpak version installed.

I have RawTherapee from two different sources: flatpak AND from the standard repositories in mint.

I can get neither to launch. It really isn’t helped by the UI in digikam. I have tried flatpak run org.rawtherapee.RawTherapee and also tried ‘gtk-launch rawtherapee.desktop’

I have also tried opening the flatpak desktop file itself by navigating to /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/applications

I am beyond ideas at this point. Why are application paths so bloody hard in Linux?

I moved to the appimage instead. I also downloaded rawtherapee as appimage and now the dialog lets me choose the appimage. Problem solved for now.

I also came across appimagelauncher which greatly simplifies the experience of opening appimages. It moves it to a (user specified) folder, adds to the menu and also creates an icon. That should be in distros by default!

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I could not agree more!