Adding Collections Dialogue Behavior

Version 6.4
My digiKam 6.4 has acquired an annoyance; I can’t figure out if it is an option that has gotten changed, or just the nature of version 6.4

Always before, when I did Settings > Configure digiKam > Collections > Add a Collection, the dialogue would open to the last place I had been = very handy = exactly the behavior I need

Now, all of a sudden, the dialogue always opens at the very beginning of things, forcing me to have to navigate through the entire folder tree to get to where I was just a few seconds before.

I have looked and if there is something I need to check/uncheck, I am not seeing it.

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

This has been over a month without a response, which is unusual for this site.
This new behavior is quite annoying and time-consuming.
Always before, when I added a collection and then wanted to add another (or a dozen), the dialogue would open to the last folder visited; with this version, it starts all the way back at the tap root of the folder tree, no matter that I am wanting to select a folder from the same place where I had just been.
Does this new behavior carry over to all subsequent versions ?
If anyone knows a solution or maybe knows something I may have inadvertently deselected somewhere, I sure would like to know.

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

I thought it just used the standard file open dialog, but I rarely add new collections. (I’ve done it twice in the past 8 years, I think.) The only setting I can think of that might impact this is the “Use native file dialogs from system” checkbox in the Appearance tab of the Miscellaneous group under Configure Digikam. This could be OS-dependent as well, so it might be helpful to know what OS you’re running as well. Sorry, that’s not much help. Good luck with finding a solution!

Thank you for the suggestion.
Alas, although that does provide a much easier means of navigation, it still insists on always starting at the very beginning.
Operating system is, and for several years has been, Windows 7 Pro

I don’t know why on earth they would have changed it from the behavior of all the earlier versions.