Adding the Wow to an Italian street

I’ve had a go at processing this (results not shown here) but i’m interested to see if others can keep the feeling of the light and dust but get a lass banal result. Or maybe i am being hard on myself.

It’s a curved street in Bologna, taken in 2009.

img_6925.cr2 (11.6 MB)

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  • CA correction on
  • Shadow Rolloff Point 0.004655
  • Drama 71
  • White Clipping Point 0.51
  • Shadow Brightness 279

haha Drama. Thanks! I do like the way you’ve emphasized the lighting.

Hmm, the cars are a bit distracting. This is the best I could get out of this shot (straighten lines, cropping the blown sky and going for a colorful vintage vibe):

img_6925.cr2.xmp (9.5 KB)

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Thanks! Interesting, this is much closer to the one i ended up with (i’ll post it in a day or two). I think i may like yours better than mine actually, although losing the right-hand wall makes the cars more distracting perhaps.

Here is an attempt with RT 5.8. Tried to camouflage the parked vehicles and add the drama of a bright sign in a rundown neighbourhood with the use of low contrast.
img_6925.jpg.out.pp3 (12.6 KB)


img_6925.cr2.arp (11.7 KB)

This was exactly the feel i was trying to bring out. Thank you.

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img_6925.jpg.out.pp3 (12.1 KB)
Licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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img_6925.cr2.xmp (14.9 KB)


This gets the light very well. I also had a shift towards yellow. I’m not entirely happy with the colour of the van here - it didn’t move towards the yellow. It’s a closer crop too, which is almost always a good thing :slight_smile: although the triangle of sky and the right-hand wall seem to me to be grounding, so i’m somewhat torn.



img_6925.cr2.xmp (15.6 KB)

haha yes. funny how small things can be so distracting sometimes. Hmm, well,maybethtat’s not phrased well :wink:

a-img_6925.jpg.out.arp (11.7 KB)

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oh wow, well, that’s a very different direction! Thanks!

(interesting that you have some blue sky, by the way, although not the blue inthe neon sign. the white van looks white, too)

I think that the slight blue in the sky is due to color propagation as the zone is surrounded by a zinc gutter. But the result is welcome.
The overall aspect is partly due to use of Halclut film simulation .
I tried to reconstitue the harsh (but that can be beautiful) light we can encounter in streets in the south of france and in Italy when sun is high.

Yes, it does have that feeling of sun. Thank you, the Halclyt film simulation is a good idea.

img_6925.jpg.out.pp3 (11.7 KB)