adjusting brush feathering and opacity does not work


I cannot adjust the feathering of the brush any more. I am not sure why. I am running Linux Mint 20.2 atm, but the issue is also present in Debian Bullseye. Now I am not sure why this is. Either it has something to do with the fact that I have a new computer - it’s a desktop pc and I am using a rather cheap wireless Logitech mouse - or it’s dt 3.7. But I am quite sure that the issue was already there is dt 3.5/3.6. I am quite sure that adjusting feathering works on my laptop, but I have not used dt on it in months. On my laptop, I am using the old synaptics thouchpad driver.
Well, btw, I am trying to adjust the feathering with ctrl and shift and alt + scroll wheel, that’s how it used to work on my laptop, but I cannot memorize which of those 3 keys it is, anyway I have tried them all, also combined.
Well, maybe it’s worth to mention that I am using a USB keyboard, not ps2 (I think the touchpad in my laptop is connected via ps/2). Well, of course the mouse is also USB.

Thanks in advance for the help


edit: it is not possible to adjust brush opacity either

If you reveal the top bar in the interface it should give you hints on the controls. For some reason the controls differ between creation and edit modes. In creation mode it’s scroll to change the size, shift+scroll to change the hardness and ctrl+scroll to change the opacity. In edit mode scroll changes the hardness and shift+scroll changes the size.

All seem to work fine for me on current master (3.7) and in 3.6.0.

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Well, here, dt just does not seem to recognize the shift, ctrl and alt keys. In edit mode, scrolling only changes the hardness, no matter which key I press.
I other apps, the shift/control/alt keys do work.

edit: well, e.g. ctrl + e (to export) works. However, I have not tested in other app whether the combination of keyboard + mouse is functional. I don’t even know how to test this, which other apps can combine keyboard + mouse as well.

edit: well, ctrl + click does work in Firefox

edit: apparently it works on Windows 10

edit: also works on Manjaro

Is there a way to create a new (different) shortcut that does this (adjust brush feathering and opacity), something like ctrl + f/o + arrow up/down? How do I find this command in the shortcut options?

Actually there are options for this in the darkroom view section of shortcut settings.

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yes, thanks, I have just seen it
well, maybe I will create shortcuts that are easier to memorise
anyway, this looks like a libinput bug in debian/ubuntu