Advice on moving a partition

Win10 is being obnoxious about reminding me once in a while that my C drive doesn’t have enough free space. After a year of this, I have decided to do something about it.

I also happen to have an unused section of my hard disk but it is behind another partition. I would like up-to-date advice on how to go about shifting the data partition so that C may have room to extend. For years, I have been lazy and simply used third party non-floss software.

Unfortunately I do not know of any good floss-software that can do this. But I know from experience that extending partition can be tricky (and lengthy) business. Can you tell us a bit more about your disk / partition configuration?

If you know where the free space is needed you can mount a partition in a folder on Windows.

@Thanatomanic Sure, It is dead simple: C (system) · X (storage) · unallocated. I want to move some unallocated between C and X.

@heckflosse Not sure if that would appease win10, as it probably wants unfettered access.

Another possibility would be to create a symbolic link on the c: drive which points to a folder on a different drive

So, one disk? A feasible route would be to extend X into the unallocated space (how big is that?) and then shrink it from the beginning of the partition to create some unallocated space that can then be filled up by C.
However, that all may be for nothing if your OS or boot shell doesn’t allow you to ‘move’ X because there is data in there. Not too much experience with that…

@Thanatomanic Yep, all I want to do is nudge X just enough to appease the space requirement encroachment. I will wait for someone with more exp to come by. Thanks for your input!

@heckflosse Again, that might be tricky. Examples:

1 Windows tends to move things around. Recently, they moved the font folder to another location, confusing lots of people and software.

2 It doesn’t seem to like people tampering with system files and go to great lengths in returning things to where they are supposed or ought to be. There have been anecdotes of people discovering win10 moving 10s of GBs of data (maybe causing issues because of that). So, I am concerned that mounting or linking might :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: things up in the future.

@afre An example: RT stores the thumbnail cache by default somewhere on your C: drive.
Locate this folder, make a new folder on your other drive:, move the files over to this folder, create a symbolic link to this folder and you will have some more free space on your C: drive

Oh, I see. Move data files I have control over and symbolically link to them as a space saving measure instead of fiddling with partitions.

I actually put everything of mine in the X partition, so RT and everything else isn’t on C if I can help it. No need for mounting or linking.

On my previous PC, I used Gparted ( to move, create and redimension partitions (especially C:)
As far as I remember it worked flawlessly. What I remember is that moving partition on the right to make room is very lengthy.
At the time, to avoid problems, I used an UPS, but I don’t know if it is required.

I totally forgot about Gparted. It has been a while since I used Linux, dual booted, etc. Does Gparted Live have a GUI? If not, I guess I need to do some pre-reading

Yes, Gparted is a gtk GUI for parted. The live version is graphical