AE alpha matte equivelent in Natron

Hey everyone, first time here, so go easy on me if this already exists. In After Effects, there is a feature called alpha matte, in the track matte options. How can i replicate this in Natron for my stinger transition

Hello, if I understood you correctly, you are asking for transition usage in Natron. As far as I know the procedure is like this:

  1. This is your source - Blue rectangle:

  1. This is your destination - Green rectangle:

  1. This is your transition - White oval in black:

  1. You use Merge node, connect A arrow to Destination, connect B arrow to Source, connect Mask arrow to Transition, set Operation property to copy, set Mask property to Color.R or G or B.

  1. The result is this:

Hope it is helpful.

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