All photos displayed even when clicking on a filmroll or a directory


I am using darktable 2.6.2 (from the PPA) on Ubuntu 19.04. Since the last upgrade, all photos (90,000+) are displayed in the lightable. Clicking (or double-clicking) on a filmroll or a directory in the left menu has no effect. Has anything changed in the Darktable interface?

Thank you by advance for your help!

Can you post a screenshot of the collect images module?

Thank you for your answer! This is the capture of the screen…
This morning I was surprised because it worked for a while then again, when I closed then reopened darktable to keep working the “collect images” does not work…

Any clues of what can be the problem?
have a nice day

I had this problem immediately after upgrading. I think I regenerated the cache from the command line. Can you try that?

Yes… we just started it. It will take some time, I’ll tell you if it’s ok.
Thank you again

Well, the problem persisted after regenerating the cache so my husband just deleted it… And now I import the folders I need.

Does that means I’ll lose some information or everything is in the *.xmp ?
thank you again…

If your preferences are set to write xmp, they’ll be there. You also need to tick the option to look for updated xmp on import