Allow Subdirectories from ASIair controller

When using the ASIair Pro device, it stores all of the images in subdirectories named “light”, “dark”, ect. (no “s” on the subdirectory names) Also, it stores each objects .FITS files in it’s own subdirectory in the “/light” directory.

To get SiriL script to use this structure, I need to rename the subdirectories as well as moving the lights .FITS files up one level.

Minor inconvenience I know, but could handling the ASIair directory structure be added to the list of features since alot of us use that device?


Hello, I wasn’t aware that this was doing this kind of directory structure. Cannot it be deactivated? To avoid doing it by hand, it would be probably simple to move the files automatically in the parent directories with a shell script, it depends on the OS. Something as simple as this command should work mv */*.fit . on non-windows OS.

The renaming of the lights and darks is not a problem, you just need to remove the ‘s’ from the script, in general by copying the script and editing it.

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