Animating G'MIC filters in Natorn

(Antonio) #1

I’m attempting to animate a couple of G’MIC filters in Natron, specifically the Scale attribute in Old School 8Bit and the Higher Mask Threshold in Pixel Sort (although I have experienced this with other G’MIC nodes/attributes).

When i set a key the values update as I change the current frame as does the preview. However, when I render it the render takes only the lowest or highest value of that attribute.

Is there something wrong with the G’MIC filters? I’m using Natron 2.3.14 on Ubuntu 18.04.

(Frédéric Devernay) #2

can you shared the Natron project and/or post a github issue about it?

( #3

dont work only say:

[22:21:44.748] Project: WARNING: The node GMIC_Oldschool_8bits1 (eu.gmic.Oldschool8bits) version 0.3 was found in the script but was loaded with version 1.0 instead.

[22:21:44.806] Project: Could not find input named Input

[22:21:44.806] GMIC_Oldschool_8bits1: Could not find a parameter named Input_channels

[22:22:21.340] GMIC_Oldschool_8bits2:

(Antonio) #4

Attached is my Natron project file. I used this image as input (3.9 KB)

Below is a low resolution version of the render output



That’s the pixel sorting filter. I’m not too sure if it possible to animate using pixel sorting.

(Antonio) #6

It would be useful to have certainty on this as currently there is nothing that specifies which filters can and cannot be animated.


David_Tschumperle is not here (Not mentioning him, so he remains busy on his big task), so that won’t get addressed soon.

(Antonio) #8

I’ll add an issue to github about this.

Could it be that it only accepts integer values and when you interpolate it uses floats?

(Antonio) #9

I’ve reported it as a bug on github. Let’s hope it’s addressed