Another feature request

I’m using the Siril scripts to pre-process my frames and it works beautifully.
The result is a .fits file and that’s what I want.
However the size of the directory containing the frames has been multiplied by a factor x4 because of the creation by Siril of processing files (pp_Light, r_pp_Light or pp_Flat).
These processing files have no utility for the end user but they occupy a huge amount of disk space.
Would it not be possible to provide a button to delete them ?

Hello. Instead of deleting files, things I don’t want to do because how to know which file to remove, which file to keep? It is not that easy to decide. Dev version has introduced a nice compression algorithm that save a lot of space disk.

Also, it’s a typical windows problem, for us it’s just typing rm pp_* r_* and it’s done… Since there is no state kept between commands or processing steps, like something that we could call a session, siril doesn’t know which files should be removed or not.

I understand.
Thank you and keep going.

@JCJ: I think yould love the new compression feature. I haven’t seen difference between lossy compressed and original files!!