Any issue with a Natron snapshot? Please discuss here.

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Natron snapshots are development builds between two official releases, which can be downloaded by any user (registered or not) from
If you happen to have a problem with a Natron snapshot that doesn’t exist in the latest release, please post the info here.
We cannot test every system and every plugin, although we have large unit tests, so this information helps us getting better releases.
In your report, please mention:

  • your OS/system
  • the snapshot version (as can be copied from the about window)
  • what’s wrong

Known issues:

  • (none)

Past issues:

(Mica) #2


EDIT: fixed by compiling with GCC 7.3 instead of GCC 8.1, see

Just to make the report central.
The timeline guide is not visible in Latest linux snapshot :

Checked O/S: Debain 9 and Mint.
For reference:

(Frédéric Devernay) #6

Please test the net snapshot as much as possible