Anybody here good with Wordpress? need help


I need help with reworking my website. I want to stick with wordpress but have changes in mind.

If you are good at it and have a bit of time: please message me here



I have authored a couple of plugins for photographers on WordPress (PHP/HTML/CSS and light JS). I don’t have lots of time though, but if you need some pointers, just ask.

Ciao Aurelien,

j’ai un site wordpress chez wordpress.

je souhaite changer beaucoup de choses (voir prendre un autre theme si il faut). Je veux que

  • la page “accueil” (home) est fixe - elle ne doit pas changer chaque fois avec une nouvelle photo.
  • le choix des catégories (modèles) mêne vers une page de thumbnails (une collection de thumbnails par modèle/catégorie
  • le cadre noir au tour de l’affichage doit disparaitre

je suis photographe, pas spécialiste web design … j’ai besoin de l’aide et je suis biensûr prêt à payer



I’m a web developer. I work mostly with NodeJS and Angular but I’ve used to be PHP dev witch included WordPress too.

I present my photographic work on

it’s a wordpress site, hosted at wordpress and I used the (free) Theme 2016, but I am not happy with it anymore. I don’t like the fact that I am obliged to show everything in the order of publishing (a blog …). What I want is

  • a start/home page with a fixed image (that I can change) and the menu
  • categories/models/nude/portrait shall link to a page with thumbnails of that particular topic and the visitor can click to full size versions there
  • the black frame around my white page should go

I’m a photographer, not a web-designer … I need help, and I am OK to pay for the time and or buy another theme, if that helps.


@patdavid and I have discussed and even scouted themes for you. Sorry, but I am in the middle of moving and otherwise have been working too much, else I’d be all over it. I think @patdavid has the same issue :frowning:

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I fully understand what it’s like having too much work on the plate. No offense taken. I just try to find someone who can actually help.

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