Anyone remembers Adox KB14?


Once upon a time, i.e. when I was a kid, we had a b/w film called Adox KB 14. It was the nicest film I have ever used (= shot with, as well as developed).

KB was short for Kleinbild (i.e. 35mm film), and 14 = 14 DIN (about 20 ASA),
and it is probably best known for its small grain & being very sharp.
The grain was so small, that you couldn’t even find it in a grain focusing scope…

Ref with examples:

I have looked around for any emulation of KB14, like a HaldCLUT &c, but no luck so far.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Interesting. Have you considered Efke KB25, a Croatian film that is also single layer high silver. Lomo offered Efke KB50 but looks out of stock. They are also known for high sharpness and fine grain. I might imagine these would be worthy of HaldCLUT making. eBay has some frozen rolls of Efke KB25 for about thirty bucks per.


Btw that’s just the Lone Ranger. He used to shout “Hi-o Silver!” to his horse when it was time to giddy up. I don’t know what film they used, but I immediately thought of this dynamic duo when I read Efke KB was also very high silver content.

As for me I was raised on Kodak Panatomic X in the 70s and used Tmax in college in the 90s. According to my friend Wiki, Tmax replaced Panatomic X, as did Efke KB25 replace your beloved Adox KB14.


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