App crashes upon reference image selection


I have a problem - running v0.99.11 dev Siril will crash when I attempt to exclude any multisession registered files from the Plot tab.

Stacking also fails and asks me to check the log. Where is it located?


I can’t reproduce it. What is the error shown in the LINUX/Windows console.
Make sure your seq file is not corrupted.

Send us the siril logs. There is a button to export these logs in the last tab of siril. But I think you must have other messages.


Not long after i posted, I found out how to generate log file.

Seems Siril is not registering all my subs. A few are 3 times the size of the rest.

Attempting to stack some new additional files from my APS-C camera with my old M/43 camera, but with the same optics. Image scale is slightly different (6.35 vs 5.74 arcseconds/pixel), but previous similar integrations this version of Siril has not had issue with.

2021-09-12T12.13.33.log.txt (2.0 KB)


I bet you need to regenerate your seq file as you added new files.

Seems I’ve resolved the problem.

I recalibrated and re-registered the pre-processed files, after noticing that somehow the old files were processed as mono (no idea how or why).

All stacks as expected, now.