Appimage is missing and

I use PCLinuxOS and the ART Appimage doesn’t work, it seems that and are missing.

It would be great if it could be fixed.

I am kinda sure that those should be on your host system.

thanks for the feedback! However, AppImages are provided by a third party, they are not maintained by me. I suggest that you contact the folks at Apprepo directly for troubleshooting.


Thank you Alberto!
I will try to contact them.

Impossible, I can’t see any way to contact them.
A pity.

ping @srgmro, maybe he knows how to get in touch

Hi Aleph, the developer for the appimage is Alex Worochilow. You can contact him on his main site:

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Thank you @srgmro!
I will write to him.

Au contraire, systemd is something that should not be in anyone’s system. :wink:

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well then it might be that appimages wont work on your system.

I was starting to think I was an old fool for leaning on static compiling for rawproc. This discussion dilutes that thinking… :laughing:

Controversial :stuck_out_tongue:

Took my a while to get away from /etc/init.d/xxxx but now I can’t live without systemd to be honest :).

I googled ‘why do people hate systemd’ quickly and apparently I’m the odd one in that I like it :P.

Now, I’m curious regarding the specific executable/library in the AppImage requires the presence of and Any reason the ART executable might? One of its supporting libraries?

my guess would be the appimage runtime itself.

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