Applying MTF to SER

That feature is superb! Today, 30 min after the sunrise, the Moon has covered Mars from my location. I’ve recorded a SER file at 19fps for almost 5min. But the sky was too bright and the visual effect was not the intended. So, I opened the SER file on SiriL, edited one of the frames and apply this MTF to all the sequence. Crop the sequence and exported a MP4 version for YouTube. Very, very useful. Thanks again, SiriL Team

Moon occults Mars


That’s great Rafa! When I saw them last night I was thinking that maybe people in America would not see mars today, I wake up and you have the proof in video :slight_smile: (even if it was in the morning and in Europe, it’s basically the same)

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After reviewing all the recordings, I’ve extracted some 200 frames fragments (10 seconds, so the Moon doesn’t moves). Stacked with PlanetarySystemStacker (sorry, here SiriL is of not help) and the opened again on SiriL to perform a wavelets enhancement, some deconvolution and histogram adjust to get this space-sh portrait of Mars over the Moon


not yet ;).

You should send your image to the Astronomy Picture of the Day contest!!!

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this comment make me skip one heart bet… or two :slight_smile: