Arcsinh stretch not behaving teh same since new versions

I think something happened to the Arcsinh stretch in the new versions of Siril (1.05) with the new GHT stretch tool. I used to be able to increase the stretch and then darken the background with the black point slider but now the blackpoint slider works only a little way and then starts lightening the image! Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Hello. We have fixed some bugs in the asinh tool lately (Fixing asinh stretch to match master version (cf64ed00) · Commits · FA / Siril · GitLab). So maybe this is what you saw.

Thanks Lock, will that be incorporated in the next release?

One other thing I noticed is that when generating auto background/gradient removal grid, when trying to right click to remove squares it isn’t always responsive and sometimes removes more than one square- not a big issue but in case nobody pointed it out


I mean bug fix has already been pushed in last release.

Ah in that case I’m still seeing it. It seems to work ok in RGB composite, but not very well on individual fits files. Or something changed and I’m not doing it right which is likely

I have to test but I think what you see is the normal behavior. This is what I want to say you.

OK. After more serious exploration I’ve found a bug that occur only with 32bits and monochrome images.
I’ve fixed it and the fix will be available in the next release.

Great! Thanks Lock :slight_smile:

Seems to work as expected now- Thanks!