Ardour sync with natron

(Adam Earle) #1

How hard would it be to get this kind of thing happening in Natron??? How long would it take???

Here is an example:

(Mikhail) #2

it will never happen, because stable work is more important new features. When natron will have groupe developers they will do this but i think this task for a years

(Ingo Weyrich) #3


is a contradiction

(Mikhail) #4

it is not a contradiction, we are living in a real world and understand that programmers need to eat some food, some times. I tried integrate natron in our animation studio pipeline and made real episode in natron. I think it is great result, but natron have some limitation and than i use more than 20-30 layers for relight 3d animation graphics or 250 nodes in project. After this limit natron slower then nuke in may be 10 times. In general it is simple to made import from natron to nuke becouse those API is similar, and after this limit I export all scenes to nuke. But I think that comman target is speed up core functions.
In this reason I think 3D integration we will see only after core code optimisation. By the way there are a lot tricks, we can render st_map for use some 3d features in natron

(Ingo Weyrich) #5

‘some times’ ? Scratch ‘some times’ and I will agree.

(Adam Earle) #6

Q. sooooooooo I am wondering if it is possible? Yes/ No/ Other explanation

Q.and what if the was to pay for someone to the development and integrate it into Natron

Q.Would this be something natron devs would be willing to accept if it wasn’t kept in-house and leaked/ given to be open source for the community to take advantage of build upon

Thank Ad :grinning::grinning::grinning:

(Mica) #7

Technically yes, it is possible.

If it is released as a plugin, the devs wouldn’t have to accept it. I could exist on its own.

(Adam Earle) #8

Great idea!

Which would be more beneficial for natrons future and user base and would be easier to maintain or hand off the maintenance so it could continue to grow and expand?

(Mica) #9

If its good and the code is released under a Free license, then people will use it and it has a chance of growing.

How do you know the answers to all that upfront? You don’t!