are "plans" and "planes" intended as being the same thing in CLI wavelets and wrecons? or are "planes" a mathematical result of setting "plans"? maybe a terminology typo - or a mistranslation ?

and in the a trous wavelets GUI it’s “plans”

from À Trous Wavelets Transform — Siril 1.2.0 documentation

Siril command line

wavelet nbr_plan type

Computes the wavelet transform on nbr_plan plans using linear (type=1) or bspline (type=2) version of the ‘à trous’ algorithm. The result is stored in a file as a structure containing the planes, ready for weighted reconstruction with WRECONS

wrecons c1 c2 c3 …

Reconstructs to current image from the planes previously computed with wavelets and weighted with coefficients c1, c2, …, cn according to the number of planes used for wavelet transform

in the English language these two words have totally different meanings.
Thank You

I’ve changed the text.


Very good, Thank You! Also “layers” seems more intuitive and logical than “plans”.