ARM64 Darktable Installation

Anybody successfully installed Darktable on an arm64 sbc (single board computer). I’m trying on a rock64 . Tried installing darktable_3.2.1-1.1_arm64.deb but get messages about dependency problems.

Even if you do get it running, you’re going to have a bad time with 4GB RAM.

I’ve seen reports of it running on aarch64, but I’ve never heard of anyone using it for serious work.

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  • where did you download the deb?
  • what distro do you run?

Don’t remember where I got the darktable file.

Debian 8
Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
I removed desktop lxde and replaced with xfce4

I realize sbc computers not the best for running dt just curious to see if it is usable.