Arrgghhh! it's not even summer yet...

…but no one told the weather!


(Celsius, obviously, although being in the US I’m Fahrenheit by default)

That’s not unusual for July / August, but not early / mid June. And typically with 50% to 95% humidity, depending on time of day or night. Actually the overnight lows are reasonable. Typically we’ll reach a point where it’ll never drop below 80F / 27C overnight. I spend more time indoors in summer than in winter! LOL :smiley:

Just for giggles, Kelvin looks a lot more impressive.


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And yet here in Los Angeles, where we generally have two seasons: “summer” and “not summer” it is 65F.

Not summer indeed.

Ahhhh… Constant summertime photography — living in this part of the world, I can only dream of such a luxury. :wink: Kodachrome (song) - Wikipediasadly, though, they DID take my Kodachrome away. :frowning_face:

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I guess that depends strongly on the definition and nature of “summer”. Here it means heat, high humidity, haze, overcast, rain … sometimes all at the same time. It gets very oppressive during the deep of summer, often will little if any breeze to offer relief. As I stated above, I’m outside as much or more during cooler weather than in the typical nastiness of summer.

Here, spring means bright colors, cool(er) nights and days and a little more (real actual sky-) blue sky. The light is usually harsh but with the spring colors it’s more usable. Weather is very volatile, with strong thunderstorms common.

Fall is often wet and always carries a hope of color but it’s typically minimal at best. We don’t have forests of hardwoods, mostly softwood (n)evergreens. Often the temperatures and moisture don’t cooperate to create much in the way of color.

Winters are mild by many standards – It gets below freezing but generally gets above during the day. At most if we have an extended sub-freezing spell it will be on the order of a days, not weeks nor months. But it rains a lot during the winter, often with near-freezing temps. And it’s overcast quite a lot. Snow is light and very occasional, maybe even a few years in between. Ice happens more often. All in all it’s very dull.

The other thing is, spring and fall are very short:

* winter * |                                        | ****
         |* spring *|
                   | ********  summer  ******** |
                                              |* fall *|
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec

They occur pretty much anywhere within a three month period but they’re rarely longer than about 6 to 8 weeks at most (not infrequently less) before the following more extreme season kicks in. I’ve seen mid / late October highs in the lower 90s F more than a few times.

We are most definitely NOT a “four seasons” climate. Spring and fall are just brief transitions.

Thanks for rubbing summer into the face of those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere. At least I enjoy my log fires.

LOL Actually right now “log fire supporting weather” sounds pretty good! Feel free to rub my face in it six months from now! :smiley:

I don’t know where you’re located in Oz but I’m guessing statistically at least you have a better chance at lower humidity that we have here. But I could be wrong.

Gee, I hate humidity. Unless it’s in a photograph. :sunglasses:

I am located in Tasmania. A cool temperate climate. Winters are not too cold due to proximity to oceans and summers are mild with just a few hot days. No humidity to speak of. I picked Tasmania for the cooler climate. Spent the first 40+ years of my life in Sydney and wanted to escape the hot summers.

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That’s right, now I recall asking you before. Sorry about that! :slight_smile:

Tassie also has some pretty decent photographic possibilities, from what I’ve seen from a friend who previously lived there.