ART: can't colorize/adjust colors after de-saturation (in newer version)

I’m quite sure that in a previous version of ART I was able to apply the ‘Color/Tone Correction’ module after applying the ‘Black-and-White’ module (or any de-saturation step).

Background: I do (more often lately) editing of scanned film negatives and I’d like to “give a shade to the ink”. In order to do this, a method that is very interesting (because it creates a very good starting point with a “flat” white) is to de-saturate the picture (aka convert to grayscale), and then colorize through parametric masks. This way you can give a color to the ink and/or to the paper (I’m sort of reproducing in a digital way the darkroom printing of film negatives). A part from having a lot of fun, I get very good results with this approach.

So, back to ART… it seems now that after I de-saturate (either with the ‘Black-and-White’ module or with the ‘Saturation/Vibrance’ module) the ‘Color/Tone Correction’ module doesn’t have any effect on color anymore (the output stays grayscale).

I guess this is because in the newer version the modules have been reshuffled such that conversion to grayscale is done as last step?
Or is there a way to get back to this method?
I’m rather sure it worked in the described way before, I have some presets and so (not saying this was the intended way of working though :smiley:). I don’t remember which exact version was that worked like that (and I won’t be able to figure out for another 10 days, before I get back home…)

It’s not a show stopper, I can develop to grayscale in ART and then “colorize” for instance in GIMP, but I preferred when I could do everything in ART (also because I love the masking much more than in GIMP)…

Is there a way to get back to that effect?
Or maybe there is something else I’m missing now… (another difference is that now I’m on Windows, since I’m on a borrowed PC, while before I always used ART in Linux, but I’m quite sure this is not the cause)

You can desaturate with one layer of color correction and then add back color with another layer that comes later.
Both saturation/vibrance and B&W come after color correction, so that’s why it doesn’t work, as you have guessed. See agriggio / ART / wiki / Pipeline — Bitbucket
(As far as I remember that has always been the case, but of course I might remember wrong)


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Oh true, excellent tip, thanks!

Mmm not sure… anyhow, I can have a look as soon as I get back to my studio.

I confirm I had somehow the wrong impression. I tried with some old AppImage (e.g. v1.2 and v1.7.1) and yeah, when “Black and White” is enabled the color correction module does not “colorize” anymore…
I now wonder what were my processing steps back then such that I remembered that way… :laughing: well, not a problem any more (…maybe never was…)

Thanks for you patience :wink:

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