ART new releases

I have a problem that would be nice to solve (if you agree that it’s a problem) regarding blur of shapes. I’ll open an issue later today, that might be better to solve before 1.4 come out, for backward compatibility reason.

sure :+1:

Thanks, that makes more sense.

I’ve tagged 1.4. If the automated builds work as expected, binaries should appear shortly (maybe tomorrow?).
Thanks to all the people who contributed!


I have tried ART_master_1.3-128-g6b1758a_20200607.AppImage after removing old config it works .

How can i enable/disable vignetting correction and so on based on dng metadata? Thank you in advance!

That version is too old for the Huawei phone that you referenced above (there was a bug preventing the correct application of gain maps in some cases).
When 1.4 comes out, it should work out of the box. There’s nothing you need to do, gain maps are applied automatically if found in the dng metadata (and currently can’t be turned off)

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ART_1.4_W64_generic.7z, ART_1.4_W64_Skylake.7z, ART_1.4_W64_Znver2.7z
uploaded at

Hello @gaaned92

Thanks for you builds, just tested on Windows 10.
I was curious to test the new option, to filter by date:

Thanks a lot to @agriggio for releasing such an amazing software!

I have added the LENSFUNDBDIR cmake option to the Win64 builds, and also fixed the LensFun DB loading for the AppImage case (there was also a mistake in the path to the bundled DB).

I have checked that the bundled DB is correctly loaded when no path is given in the options file.

Hopefully this is just in time for the new release!

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Damn GTK+ versions :frowning: This:

was supposed to look like this:
Screenshot from 2020-06-09 10.36.56

Oh well…


Hello @agriggio

Damn GTK+ versions :frowning:

Mystery solved: I was wondering what was the meaning of those numbers (1 - 1) :slight_smile:

This being said this new option works great in that I can select the range for my date (mininum date - maximum date) to filter my images in that interval.

Btw, I have downloaded this build: ART_1.4_W64_Skylake (by gaaned92)

If you use the installer, I have fixed it there. I might release a version 1.4.1 just for this, it’s annoying…

Hello everyone,

Just noticed right now that with ART 1.4 (Windown 10 - 64 bit) it is not possible to rotate the images 90° in the File browser.
With RawTherapee 5.8 I can select more images in the File Browser and rotate them all together with the buttons (icons on the right).

Is it a feature or a “bug” ?

See this screenshot:

It has always been like that, since 0.1

Hello Alberto,

It has always been like that, since 0.1

Yep. I know…
However, in all truth, I have never understood whether it was a bug…

I have gathered one of the goal of ART is to give its users only the most “important” features of RawTherapee (sorry to simplify like that because ART also adds new interesting options…).
However, I can not understand why it is no longer possible to select more images with the mouse, in the File Browser, and rotate them with the corresponding buttons (icons - 90°) on the toolbar?
It was extremely fast and intuitive with RawTherapee, IMHO…

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It’s not a bug. Batch editing was removed because it added a lot of complications in the code for little benefit. You can still apply, copy and paste (selectively) processing profiles to multiple images from the file browser. If you routinely want to batch rotate pictures, just create a processing profile that only applies the required rotation and batch apply it to all the images you want.

Hello Alberto,

Batch editing was removed because it added a lot of complications in the code for little benefit

I see :slight_smile:

In all truth, I am really happy about the direction you have taken with ART when you have “forked” RawTherapee…
This being said, I am also grateful that many options are still available with RawTherapee (e.g. the Batch editing where rotating more images with buttons is more intuitive for new users, imho).
It is great to have more options (softwares) and this is the beauty of the open source software!

In conclusion, thans a lot for releasing ART.
It is indeed an amazing piece of software and quite feature-complete in my view.

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Tried 1.4, really nice!

Yes very very nice !