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First how the inspector opens every time:

With uncovered area:

culling and rating without the need to use an external program. For this, I think it’s better if what the inspector shows is selected, otherwise there’s the risk you think are rating one file but instead ART is operating on another one…

Anyway, I like the way it works now. Having an overlay as you suggest might be better, but I don’t use this often enough that I can justify (to myself) the cost of implementing it.

Regarding the too narrow width, I am looking into it

Inspect/Fit to window - that would be nice to have in RawTherapee.

shouldn’t be too hard to port :wink:

I tried to use the inspect mode I never use before. What should I expect with the color management ? I don’t see any effect, is it only due to the chosen file ?
Serge Moreau

color management will apply your default display profile, as set in the preferences (see rawpedia). if you have this set to none, you won’t see any difference.

update: now art remembers the width of the file browser in inspector mode, so if it’s too narrow you just have to enlarge it once and for all


Updated french translation file including the last modification of inspector mode (line 899).Francais.txt (147.1 KB)

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I just tagged version 0.3. (Main) changes since 0.2:

  • improved “colour tint” feature in the black&white tool

  • improved UI for area masks (now can be drawn directly on canvas)

  • tweaks to the denoise module (details threshold in particular)

  • unified “contrast by detail levels” and “local constrast” tools

  • improved RL deconvolution sharpening (mostly taken from RT’s capture sharpening)

  • added support for Sony A7R4 pixel shift, Canon CR3 (including metadata) and Panasonic S1/S1R

  • improved resizing tool (can set size in cm or inches, not just pixels)

  • revamped inspector mode


Works very well here, thanks for all the work, very impressed by all the improvements in usability.

You said that suggestions were welcome (but you may well ignore them!) so here is one:

I really like the masking tools, my only criticism with the GUI, is that it involves a lot of continual scrolling up and down to adjust the shape or the HSL masks.
Could there be three horizontal tabs at the top of (eg) the colour correction module that remained static when the colour correction module was expanded.
One that would show adjustments (ie colour grid, slope, saturation etc), one for HSL masks and one for shapes. That way it would be quick to access the various mask functions without having to continually scroll up and down.
I don’t know whether you think this is a good idea, or even whether it is possible within the architecture of the program but it is just an idea…

this is certainly doable, and it could actually work better than the current layout. thanks! I’ll give it a try

Great. Same, could be applied to local, contrast and smoothing if it works out…

Just as a thought:
Why not move it behind one button in the tool’s title bar: “Masking”. Clicking that will open a drop down with all the masking options. That way no additional vertical space is wasted. And you could automatically enable “show mask” so no user will overlook this feature anymore (probably would need an option so that experienced users can easily disable it).

The only gripe I have in this tool is indeed the “show mask” box which is too far down and required to scroll down to activate it, scroll up to refine the curves, scroll down again to disable “show mask”.
But that’s just a small gripe, I love ART so much overall!

Agreed these are small gripes. Moving the show mask box would be a quick way of making things easier…

ART is now my preferred tool for raw processing; simple, fast and easy to use, except mask definition.

Agreed and perhaps suggestion of @spidermonkey or @ff2000 could further permt to improve the GUI

@ff2000 Just my thoughts… I find drop down list is OK for selection choices that you don’t have to make too often but may become cumbersome if that was the main way of navigating between things. Just trying to think of ways of making the masking tool more navigable with fewer clicks. Just my opinion, others may not agree and is up to agrigio as it his project.

I thought more of a modal dialog (without title bar, of course) that stays on top.
Tabs are suboptimal IMO in this case as the TabWidget has to manage the space for the content of the different tabs. This will leave either a lot of empty space for the settings of the tool or place the masking (curve/shape) in a scrolled widget. With a drop down/pop up you can allocate the space that’s needed for the tool UI and place the masking in a different window.

Thinking about it I don’t think the title bar would be the best place for such a button as one tool has several instances. but somewhere near the instance selector or inside the list itself it would be better.

I see what you mean now. Let’s see what Agriggio comes up when or if he has time…

In the end, I’ve decided (after trying it out) against a tabbed interface, for the reasons explained by @ff2000. Still, I’ve made some tweaks to the UI, hopefully it’s a bit more efficient now. If you (all) have the chance to try it out, please let me know your thoughts!

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