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thanks a lot @srgmro for your help! I am finalising a couple more things and then I plan to publish a first release candidate. I don’t expect changes in the language files but I’m not sure yet…

A New french translation file, according to the modification introduce by @sguyader in the default language file. I had only to actualize the line 862 others were already OK.Francais.txt (150.5 KB)

Yes I had made changes already in the French file, I missed one occurrence. Thanks Serge.

I just want to mention this, so it may help someone who has similar issue:
I noticed that after upgrading from 0.2 to 0.3 via builds provided here for windows, the exported image when opened in other sw than ART was very midle grey-ish, low contrast. Same image exported with linux version self compiled using same sidecar file was ok after opening in same sw.
Removig local app data on windows fixed the issue and now both exports looks identical.

Does anyone prepare Linux builds (Ubuntu bionic here)? I tried building myself but make fails - and it is a long time ago since I looked at a Makefile.

I think that the Dariusz Duma ppa could be a solution. Perhaps ask him if he is interested.


Hi All,
very slowly I’m trying to understand the internals of RT/ART… and I could say silly questions.:roll_eyes:

If I am seeing in the ART pipeline the statement about Input color profile

from Camera to Linear RGB working space

then in ART, do we have a working profile (Prophoto, Rec2020,AdobeRGB and so on…) with a linear gamma opposed to percepetual gamma in RT?



No. RT also uses a linear TRC (tone response curve, i.e. linear gamma) by default. However, it also allows you to use a non-linear
TRC if you want:

This is not available in ART, you have to stick to linear.

Ciao Alberto,
thanks for the quick response … I thought when you click on the toner response curve button you can customize the gamma from the point the default was… OK then we have linear gamma of the working profile in RT too…

Excuse me but can you explain me the statement into Rawpedia

During this conversion, an internal gamma is set by RawTherapee that always is “gamma sRGB” i.e. “gamma=2.4 and slope=12.92”

I’m confused


That’s not something I wrote, sorry

Will there be a guide, a video walkthrough on how to use ART the best way for starting photographers? I think that would make a huge difference with the adoption of ART.

Have a look here


And here:

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Hello zilexa, also read the Getting Started guide for RawTherapee, that applies for a great deal to Art as well.

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@agriggio - Alberto, am I right in thinking that the deltaE mask and the Area mask cannot be used together in the same edit session?

not at all, why do you think that?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. If I make a deltaE mask by picking a color, the mask shows ‘as advertised’.

Then I uncheck deltaE and check area mask. I draw the following form and say Show mask. Result is correct.

Now comes the problem: when I check/activate both masks and say Show mask, I see the following. No masks! I would say that the Add mode for the area shape would add my shape to the sky. It doesn’t work this way?

no. The different masks are always in “logical and” (i.e. intersection), except for the brush mask in add mode. The “add mode” of area shapes is only additive relative to the other area shapes. If you want a union of different masks, you can use a brush in add mode.

Ok, I already saw that both masks can act together in intersect mode. So I’ll use the Brush mask to ‘draw an area’ to extend/add to an existing mask.

An excellent tool you made with these masks, I’m having lots of fun!