ART version 1.2


I’ve just tagged version 1.2 of ART.

Here are the main changes wrt. 1.1:

  • brush masks for the local editing tools

  • you can now give names to masks

  • all tools have a reset button to move all the controls to their default
    and/or last saved position

  • improved compatibility with external editors (support for exporting in 32-bit float TIFF format, setting the output directory, and bypassing the output profile)

  • deprecated the “scale” parameter in the texture boost tool, replaced with an “iterations” parameter

  • the location bar in the file browser now supports auto-completion of directory names

Binary packages should follow in a day or two. Thanks to all the people who helped with translations, packages, feature suggestions, bug reports, and patches!


ART_1.2_W64_Znver2.7z for ryzen AMD architecture
ART_1.2_W64_Skylake.7z for skylake and above Intel architecture

uploaded at

Really very grateful for this great piece of SW :crazy_face:



Packages for Ubuntu 18.04/19.10/20.04, Mint 19.xx can be found there:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
sudo apt-get update

In short - Highly Explosive PPA strikes back again :slight_smile:

Due to nature of deb packages and Launchpad build process I had to tweak ReleaseInfo.cmake file manually. This is the only difference against original sources.

best regards,


Congrats on the speedy releases!

AUR package has been updated yesterday. :slight_smile:


while waiting for the automated build packages (@Carmelo_DrRaw, am I right in assuming that this should require no manual intervention? I did push to the releases branch as instructed), I’ve uploaded a win64 installer, so windows users not comfortable with compilers can try this out. (this is a generic build, if you have a recent machine, the builds of @gaaned92 are recommended)

I have finished setting up the automated builds, and just included also the releases branch. However, the builds still need some proofing from windows users, to make sure that all is OK.

The output packages are available here:

The release build will be available in a short while.

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I made some tests on W10 of 1.2 from your link.
I cannot see any problem and the fall back to exiftool is working, lensfun up to date. All seems good.

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Would anyone be able to point the way for someone who might interested in building ART for Mac OS X?

@HIRAM is the mac guy, so I hope he will chime in. There are instructions on how to build rawtherapee on rawpedia, with a bit of luck they might work for ART too.

@MrKellyGraham @agriggio
Yes, currently working on the Catalina revisions. It will be done soon.

Any news on the Mac build?

unfortunately not, sorry…

AppImage works fine on Mac

Hi, what do you mean exactly? Does it run on mac os X, without a virtual machine?

Sorry Alberto for the delay as it’s a friend who said me that he used the AppImage on MacOs. So, I had to get more precise information : it launches, all seems to work including exporting, but the masks crash ART