astrodenoise crashes darktable: Is it just me?

I have now had astrodenoise cause crashes on two windows laptops and a linux desktop. This is a regular problem for me. I presume the module is very resource intensive and my systems are just too sluggish. I really like the noise reduction this module gives when working with very noisy images.

When darktable crashes I lose many steps of my editing so I usually now open a new image in DT to force a xmp file update. I then return to the image and try astrodenoise. Sometimes it crashes and sometimes it doesn’t. I just wonder if anyone else can replicate this problem or if astrodenoise works fine for everyone else but me. Drawing masks or adjusting the details threshold slider often results in a crash of DT in this module.

Also, is there a lau script to force an update of the xmp file as you work.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and testing the module on your computer.

Which dt version?

I’m asking because there was multiple reports about this and it is fixed in master:

I am using 4.2 on linux and windows laptop has latest weekly build but no graphics card. Hopefully is fixed. Maybe other users would like to test drapwing masks orusing detail threshold slider. Thanks for feedback as it is very good at noise reduction.

I am on 4.3.0+1304~g7cdbd0bcb7 on windows 11, applying astro denoise works, no crash

@Bernhard_Vogler Could you try drawing a mask and or use the details threshold slider? I am certainly willing to accept it is my computers. I have eight students tomorrow night and I am going to get them to try the module and see what happens. The module is very good for denoising the worst images.

I did not see any negative effects using drawn masks, or details threshold, or both; still stable; no crash. I just applied it to two different random pictures. No crash.

@Terry If you open the link Pascal shared, you will see that the fix was merged 05FEB and it is part of the 4.4 release. Therefore you have two options. Wait until ~July for 4.4 release or switch to use the master branch.

@g-man my latest crash occurred using 4.3.0+1304. However that laptop doesn’t have a graphics card so it was probably a resource issue. I am glad that the issue has been addressed and will be in V4.4. Thanks for taking the time to respond and I look forward to the new release. I am not confident at building the master branch in Linux as I am a Linux newbie.