Astrometric resolution issues


I’m currently having an issue I never had before with the astrometric resolution tool. I imaged North American Nebula 3 nights in a row, and Siril is not able to resolve for any of the picture I took with any filter.

I made sure that initial coordinates, pixel size and focal length are correct, and my subs seems quit clean, so I don’t understand why it’s not working correctly.

No issue if I use

Here is a capture of one of my stacking result:

Please share the original file and confirm the version of Siril you are using.

And do not forget that Siril is not, a software that is dedicated to astrometric resolution.

Here is the link of the fits file : NGC 7000 - L - stacked

This is the L filter stacked result. Astrometry fails for any of the individual sub.

I am using Siril 1.0.3.

Strangely enought, on last night session, with some slighly different coordinate, astrometry was ok for some of the subs. Here is one sub that’s working : NGC7000 - R - individual frame

I know, but I never had this issue before, including with this specific setup and target.

And if I did some test light night on M13, no issue to make astrometry work.

What I can say is I don’t have any trouble to plate solve your image with the dev version with some new feature;

Howver, if you click on downsample it should work.

I already tried to downsample, and it does not work either.

If you select Nomad as the catalogue (instead of leaving Auto ticked), it works with 1.0.3. Probably why it works with dev version :wink:


Yes! Thanks, it’s working fine!

Still weird behavior since default configuration works with some of the sub, but if software were always working as expected, would be not fun :wink: