Auto-distortion correction in RT


(Joseph M Reagle Jr) #1

I have LCPs for my camera/lense, and auto-distortion correction works as well based on the embedded JPEG. How do I make either of these things automatic? I can automatically load a processing profile (but neither of these things seems to get saved to that).

(Alberto) #2

auto distortion can’t be automated yet, unfortunately. (I think it would be worth doing though).
but if you have a LCP and want it to be automatically applied, you can have a look at dynamic processing profiles:

that’s one of the use cases they have been designed for.

Auto Distortion Correction using Console
(Joseph M Reagle Jr) #3

Hi @agriggio. I have played with dynamic process profiles. But as far as I’ve been able to figure out, these apply processing profiles (I have different noise-reduction ones depending on ISO) not lens profiles. Do I misunderstand? If so, how do I actually do this?

Just checked, I connect pp3 profiles to a dynamic rule, but not lcp profile…?

(Alberto) #4

Sorry, I should have been clearer. what you do is:

  1. open an image taken with the camera/lens combo you have the LCP for
  2. load and apply your LCP
  3. save the pp3 as a “partial profile” (click save while holding shift iirc)
  4. use a dynamic rule to apply the partial profile to pictures taken with the given camera/lens combo

I hope it makes more sense now :slight_smile:

(Joseph M Reagle Jr) #5

Thanks! BTW: To save the partial profile it was the ctrl key.

So I now have partial processing profiles (PP3) for camera+ISO and a PP3 that applies a LCP for the lense.