Autochrome Lumière Emulation

Autochrome is an early color photography process. Century-old colors, with a painterly style:

I made 2 Autochrome emulation LUTs:

  • 1 based on the old Color Look Up Table module
  • 1 based on the new 3D LUT module

If you like muted colors and a reduced palette that resemble old photos and paintings, this is the style for you. Can be made authentic with vignettes, grain, aggressive luma denoising (watercolor), limited sharpening and chroma noise. Saturation can be boosted using the color balance and velvia modules.

Subliminal - Autochrome CLUT.dtstyle (2.0 KB)

Autochrome Cube 3D LUT

Some example photos:


Very cool, thanks for sharing!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Autochrome is my favourite photography style. My best attempts to replicate it have come through channel mixer.

Normal processing left, autochrome look right.

_DSC1033.NEF.xmp (4.5 KB)

Autochrome look left, normal processing right.

DSC_0135.NEF.xmp (23.0 KB)

Normal processing was just exposure and filmic.
Channel Mixer (col) in both examples is a saved preset. The values were arrived at by examining the R,G,B values of coloured starch grains in this image:ère#/media/File:Microphoto_of_Autochrome_plate.jpg
Not the most scientific method, but seems to yield good results.

Channel Mixer (lum) is optional - I typically use a green-yellow filter with opacity. Color Balance is also optional - you can boost red/orange in mid tones, which also has the effect of desaturating cyan/teal.

Specific values used can be seen in the xmp’s. Module order can be changed, but 9 times out of 10 I find channel mixer before exposure and input profile works best, and lum before col.