automatic apply of LCP file


i try to automatically apply a LCP file based on lens detection. So i did the following:

  • Create a arp profile to apply “profiled lens correction”, the LCP file was selected and enabled, then is saved a partial profile: 33mmF1.4XM.arp (251 Bytes)
  • Add a dynamic profile rule to apply the profile based on detected lens:
    Screenshot at 2020-09-20 10-07-10

When i open a raw file that matches the dynamic profile, the lcp file is selected correctly, but it’s not enabled:
Screenshot at 2020-09-20 10-08-58

What am i missing?

My guess is that you have another dynamic profile rule later in the list that overrides the settings. Try putting your new rules at the bottom


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That was just the right hint, it works when the newly created DPs are at the bottom.

I only have the default DPs in there, so one of these seems to override the profile setting:

Yes, the default “auto-matched curve” also enables lensfun iirc