"Automatic" Auto-Matched Tone Curve?

(Florent) #1

Hi all,

I’d like to create a processing profile that uses the “Auto-Matched Tone Curve” option.
However, if i create such a profile and apply to several images, the tone curve applied to all images will be the one I created the profile with. Obviously that’s not what I want. I’d like the curved to be calculated based on the current image.
Is there a way to achieve this?
Otherwise, I’d have to manually click on “Auto-Matched Tone Curve” for every single image which defeats the purpose of profiles.

Thanks for your help.

(Ingo Weyrich) #2

What’s the value of


in your profile?

It has to be





is needed



is set, RT assumes the tonecurve was already calculated by Histogram Matching and skips this quite expensive step.

(Florent) #3

Thanks for these information.
HistogramMatching was indeed set to false. I’ll change it to true.
Also, there is no FromHistogramMatching property in the profile.
However, I see this one instead:


Should I leave CurveFromHistogramMatching=false or should I also change it to true?
Finally, is it possible to change HistogramMatching to true from the interface or one has to edit the pp3 file manually? (which is not user friendly to say the least).

(Ingo Weyrich) #4

You’re right. It’s CurveFromHistogramMatching and it has to be set to false


If this button is pressed (appears dark) HistogramMatching will be true in the profile

Edit: If you apply Automatched tonecurve in filebrowser, you won’t see its effect immediately.
It’s applied when you open a file in editor or process it in queue or cli.

(Florent) #5

Great, it works!
Thanks for your quick feedback, really appreciated :grinning: